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New Thing

So we got this new thing going on over here at our house. It’s called making our bed every morning…


We are going on day 12 over here.

Hey if you knew me this is kinda a big deal!!


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A Big Adventure

10 years ago today I started out on a trip to begin the biggest adventure of my life… Marriage.

We left for Las Vegas on Wednesday March 26th. My red Pontiac Grand Am was packed tight with wedding decorations, luggage, tons of road snacks and laying gently on the very top my wedding dress. It was only 3 short days away from our wedding day.

I was so excited to start that road trip to start the biggest adventure of my life.

I didn’t know then how hard the road ahead of us was going to be at times. I wasn’t thinking about endometriosis and infertility at that time those words had never crossed my mind. I also didn’t know how great this adventure was going to be. I didn’t comprehend what it was going to be like ten years later when the same person can still make me laugh with just a look. I didn’t truly understand what it meant to have someone love me at my worst times.

Needless to say that drive was just the beginning. I am so glad we are still traveling in the same direction together.

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I dislike winter. I dislike snow. I dislike cold. I dislike blogging in the winter because we are boring.

This winter seems never ending. I want to blog about…




Riding our Bikes

Going to the Park

Building Sand Castles

Blowing Bubbles

Eating Watermelon

Going to the Zoo

Going to the Special Park (aka Bay Beach)

Drawing with Sidewalk Chalk

Making S’mores

Come on spring where are you? We are ready and waiting. Please send warmer weather soon!

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Kahlan and I ventured to my parents house this weekend just the two of us. She had the best time. My parents took her to the play park at McDonalds which was her favorite part of the whole weekend. She figured out how to climb all the way up to the pink slide and was so proud of herself.


Between playing at the play park and getting to eat chicken nuggets and French fries two days in a row she came home and told Daddy, “that was the most fun ever!”

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Job Anniversary

One year ago I started my new job. After 9 years with the same company I made the jump into the unknown. The first part of last year was one of the hardest parts of my life. I didn’t realize how hard it was going to be to fit in with a whole group of people who didn’t want me hired in the first place. And I don’t say that out of self-pity because I most likely would have felt the same way. Sales jobs are competitive and it is not easy when a new person comes in to shake things up. I am glad I told myself that I would give it a year before calling it quits because it has turned out to be one of the best career moves I could have made. I can’t believe how much I have learned over the past year. I am looking forward to the years ahead I feel like I am finally in a great place and am excited about the opportunities I will have for growth both personally and in my career.

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Nasty Colds

On Friday I got called at work to pick up Kahlan early from school which was actually a blessing in disguise because I felt horrible as well. We barely made it through the door before we both collapsed on the couch. Kahlan didn’t make it halfway through dinner before she put her head on the table and closed her eyes. She was asleep by 5:45 and slept in her own bed without making a peep until 4:45 in the morning!! Needless to say we spent a lot of time on the couch this weekend trying to rest up. I think we are both starting to recover even though we both still have runny noses & coughs. I just can’t wait until this winter is over.


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