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She wants to wear her new Dora dress from Grandma every day…


I’m trying to convince her once a week is enough.


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Wordless Wednesday

Happy Birthday Dad!


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This past weekend we took Kahlan along with my parents and sister to WI Dells. I have been dying to take Kahlan to a huge waterpark ever since we went to a small one for my birthday and she had so much fun.



Kahlan loved the WI Dells. She had so much fun! She absolutely loved the wave pool. She smiled and laughed the whole time the waves were on.



She also loved all the little kids slides and the “green” slide.



She was a little too scared to go down the bigger slides because they wouldn’t let her go do with an adult and she would have had to go down by herself. She was really not into that. But even without the bigger slides she had a blast. She was the perfect 3 year old all weekend long. She was the best listener. She walked a long way to the waterparks and didn’t whine to be carried. She didn’t have any meltdowns the whole weekend long.


It was so much fun to spend the weekend together with my family and I am so glad that she had so much fun. She makes everything we do just that much better.


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Kahlan and I ventured to my parents house this weekend just the two of us. She had the best time. My parents took her to the play park at McDonalds which was her favorite part of the whole weekend. She figured out how to climb all the way up to the pink slide and was so proud of herself.


Between playing at the play park and getting to eat chicken nuggets and French fries two days in a row she came home and told Daddy, “that was the most fun ever!”

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When I was little my dad always took the three of us kids on a Christmas shopping trip for my mom’s Christmas present.

I always ended up getting my mom the same thing bubble bath & bubble beads, but I remember standing next to the shelf and my dad patiently waiting as I picked out the exact color/scent combination that I wanted my mom to have. As I have gotten older I have also realized how much those annual shopping trips taught me about the immense love my dad has for my mom.

I tend to be an online shopper. I don’t enjoy long lines or running in and out of stores to find the perfect gift.

However this weekend Kahlan and I will be going on a Christmas shopping adventure to pick out the perfect gift for her to give her daddy. And hopefully as she grows older she will also be able to see in this and so many other ways my immense love for him.

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Today I am so thankful that tomorrow starts a four day weekend. I need this break. Because I started a new job I had zero vacation this year. I need a couple of days to relax. I am so thankful for a little break. I am even more thankful that I get to spend a lot of my vacation with my crazy family who I love so much.


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