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A New Year

Happy New Year!

Wow what a year we had in 2013!

My baby turned four years old, she started sleeping in her own bed ALL NIGHT LONG EVERY NIGHT, she started 4k, she had her 1st friend over to the house, she fell in love with Disney Princesses, she convinced Grandma to pierce her ears and she convinced Mommy and Daddy to buy her a puppy for Christmas!


We made some great memories. We went camping, spent long weekends at Grammy & Poppy’s house, built our first snow fort, learned how much fun water parks can be.


We also had some hard days learning to let go of someone we loved and helping Kahlan though her first experience with death when my mother-in-law passed away six weeks after finding out that she had cancer. The end of our summer became a whirlwind of spending as much time with her as we could while also helping my father-in-law.


2013 was the year that I also FINALLY came to grips with infertility and stopped letting it define who I am and who I want to become. I’m not saying I don’t have hard days. But I am so grateful for my family of three, so grateful to be Kahlan’s mommy. I feel like I have finally gotten to a place of peace and acceptance. Really how could this little girl not be more than I will ever need.


So here is to a new year filled with brand new opportunities to create more awesome memories. I’m planning to be here more often this year to share those memories with you.

Happy New Year from our family to yours!



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