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She wants to wear her new Dora dress from Grandma every day…


I’m trying to convince her once a week is enough.

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Too Early

5:30 was a little too early for the munchkin today she said she was gonna take a shower with me but when I got out I found her like this…


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Soccer Star

The other day Scott and I were at Dick’s Sporting Goods and they were having a sign up for soccer. There was a group of little girls all Kahlan’s age all bouncy. Kahlan is a bouncy kid. She has a ton of energy so when I saw all those little girls with the same amount of energy I decided soccer might be a good outlet.

So yesterday it was off to the Y to sign Kahlan up for their 4 year old summer soccer program. It runs for 7 weeks this summer. Kahlan could not be more excited…


I hope she loves it…


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We need more sunny days, please spring get here and STAY!!

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At breakfast today Kahlan told us that last night she had a bad dream about a mean dragon who tried to bite off her head.

Scott had horrible nightmares as a child so he is incredibly sympathetic when it comes to bad dreams.

They talked a lot about how dreams can’t hurt you and then he gave her this piece of advice…

If you dream about a mean dragon again kiss him right on the nose because if you kiss a dragon on the nose he will start to sneeze and if he is sneezing he won’t be able to hurt you.

He said it like he was an expert on the subject. Sometimes when I hear him with her my heart is just so full of joy at what a great daddy he is. He loves our little girl so much!

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