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Fun Photo Friday

Her favorite game… The dump laundry on Kahlan before folding it game…



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Missing Fork

Last night Scott made up Kahlan’s plate for dinner but forgot to give her a fork.

She came running back into the kitchen and in a totally exasperated voice and said, “Daddy HOW am I supposed to eat my macaroni?!?”

Scott and I both just burst out laughing while he handed her a much needed fork.

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Look Mommy

Look Mommy! I moved them all to the middle!!


I’m not sure if you can see it in the picture but not only did she move all the PDFs on my desktop she renamed them all as well. She was very proud of herself. Fun times. Good thing I have a the important stuff saved in places other than the desktop. Her computer programming Daddy was having a hard time not showing his pride.

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KinderCare was closed yesterday so Scott took the day off to spend with Kahlan. From what I hear they had the best day. They did a lot of running around town stopping at their favorite stores to do some window shopping. Scott came home with some great ideas on what she wants for birthday presents.

They even stopped and had lunch with me at work. Kahlan loved eating in the work kitchen. She couldn’t believe we had a tv in the kitchen.


It sounds like they had a great day together and it was so nice to come home and see the two people I love the most so happy after spending a great day together.

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Hard Weekend

Kahlan showed off every bit of her independence this weekend. Needless to say yesterday we had some epic meltdowns and some pretty memorable battles.

By 5:00 Scott and I were both exhausted and as hard as we were trying to remain calm we were starting to turn on each other.

By 9:00 when she was still screaming in her bed we were at our wits end and full on snapping at each other.

At 11:00 when she was still kicking, flailing and crying I was ready to move out.

She finally feel asleep around midnight.

Here’s to hoping for a better day, a better night. It’s already started with epic tears because the Sleeping Fairy didn’t come. So I’m not sure what are chances are for a drama free day.

Might need to ship her off to Grandma’s if it doesn’t get better fast.

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Fun Photo Friday

Happy Birthday to the best Grandma a little girl could ask for. We love you Grandma!


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Poor baby is back on her nebulizer again. She is such a trooper.


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