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Rough Week

It’s been a rough week. Kahlan and I had the flu which was just awful and now we have both come down with colds… Sore throats and congestion. Haven’t done a great job of blogging this week but here’s a picture to hold you over until hopefully we are feeling better…



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She Did It!

The Sleeping Fairy has been on vacation since Saturday morning with this horrible flu that has spread through our house.

And of course once Kahlan realized being sick meant Mommy was sleeping with her (out of necessity as she could not stop throwing up- poor girl) she took that and ran with it. She needed me Saturday night, Sunday night she milked it and Monday night not so much.

So we were so excited this morning when she woke up in her own bed at 6:20! I did have to go in there at 2:30 this morning and she fought harder than normal trying to get me to stay with her but I am hoping the positive reinforcement of the sticker calendar and the Sleeping Fairy will get us back on track. We were doing so well I just need us to regain our progress.

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The dreaded flu has hit our house. It has not been a fun weekend and just when I thought I had made it through it hit me early early this morning. Sick day for Mommy and Kahlan ugh!


I suppose it was impossible for her germs not to find me when she was puking all over me all weekend. Did I mention I HATE being sick?

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Fun Photo Friday


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My Heart

I love you with my entire heart.


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Look At This…


Yes that is 9 stickers!! 9 nights of staying in her own bed until morning time! No cheating! We are loving our more restful nights.

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So needless to say I get a little attached to things. Giving up the Pontiac this weekend was a little hard as I began to think about all the places that car has taken us:

It was the first car I ever bought all by myself.

It was the first big purchase decision that Scott and I made together.

It was what we packed up with my wedding dress and drove all the way across the country to get married in Las Vegas. Side note it got a flat tire on our wedding day.

It was the car we packed up and moved to Arizona in. For no other reason than we really needed a change a break to get away from everything else and truly establish ourself as a couple.

It was the car that drove us to the Pacific Ocean for weekend getaways, to DisneyLand and to SeaWorld.

It was the car I walked out of a doctor’s office and cried in for nearly a half hour after an appointment where I was told I was infertile.

It was the car we drove to the Mall of America and to Chicago for many couple get aways. The last few years it was the car that the toll attendants in IL laughed at because only the back seat drivers side window would unroll so I could pay the tolls. Yep a little redneck!

It was the car that Scott drove gingerly home from the hospital after my first surgery where I got the official endometriosis diagnosis and was in pain and I winced over every bump in the road.

It was the car that I finally brought my brand new baby home from the hospital in.


It was the car we took lots of naps in on the way to and from Grandma and Poppy’s house.


It was the car that we discovered that the trip to Grandma’s house goes much faster if we stop for McDonalds and watch lots of Dora movies on the way.


It was a great car to us with a lot of good memories.

I can’t wait to see where the next 11 years take us. I hope it is full of as many great times as the last 11 years.


Life is a highway I wanna ride it all night long…

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