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Kahlan was so excited for a whole week before they actually got here. All she could talk about is how her cousins were going to come and she was going to be able to have a sleepover! Her first sleepover ever and she could barely contain herself. She was so excited to help me blow up the air mattress in her room so that her cousin Dominique could sleep in her room with her. She picked out the sheets and a special stuffed animal to put on the pillow. She couldn’t contain her excitement.

So when her cousins showed up about eight hours early Kahlan was not all upset that the house was not yet clean, she just jumped up and down with joy that her cousins were actually here.

It was a great start to Christmas, we were all able to hang out on Saturday and then in the early afternoon we ventured down the block to celebrate Smith Family Christmas with Scott’s extended family. Kahlan had so much fun hanging out with her cousins and her godmother Heather and Heather’s husband Tom.


Heather and Tom got Kahlan the coolest Princess Art Set with every kind of marker, crayon and sticker imaginable and a Cinderella dress to play dress up with. Needless to say Kahlan thought Christmas was the best thing ever!!


After Smith Family Christmas we all ventured back to our house. I had bought the kids all matching pajamas for Christmas and Kahlan was so excited to be in matching pajamas with Dominique. I had set up a hot cocoa bar (thank you Pinterest) which was a hit with Dominique but not so much with Junior and Kahlan who settled for chocolate milk and popcorn which was a hit with Junior and Kahlan but not with Dominique who had just gotten braces. We snuggled in to watch ELF and had some great laughs even though Kahlan was asleep on my lap on the couch within minutes.



The next morning we all woke up and Scott made the best pancakes for everyone. It was neat to see Kahlan with her cousins. Seeing how happy she was made having so many people in my house worth it, she honestly did not stop smiling the whole time.


Murray (our Elf on the Shelf) brought all the kids matching Packer T-shirts a hit with Kahlan and Junior but not with Dominique who is a Steelers fan, but she wore hers so that Kahlan and her could be match to match, just another thing that made Kahlan’s day.


Kahlan opened all her presents from Nana and her cousins. She was super excited about all her princess legos that Nana brought her and she absolutely loved the Fur Real puppy from her cousins.

I made lasagna which was ready at just about the start of the Packer Game so everyone had full tummies while we watched the Packers beat the Titans 55 to 7! What a great game to watch with kids, there was a lot of screaming of touch down!

The kids even had a chance to go outside in their snowsuits and play in the snow for a little bit. Kahlan was just so excited to have someone to play with.

It was a long two days having so many people in our house, but Kahlan did not stop smiling for the entire two days which made the whole thing worth it. She was very sad when her cousins had to leave. She really did have the best time with them!


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Fun Photo Friday


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Calling Kahlan

Kahlan loves to talk on the phone. Lately I have been calling her from work just to check on her and see how her day went. She will tell me about her whole day, whether she took a nap, what friend she played with at school and so on.

But she always ends her call with “Mama, I know how much you love me, I love you too soooo much! Bye Bye!”

Can’t help it, it melts my heart every single time. I do love that little girl so much. The love I have for her is indescribable. I am glad that even at 3 years old she is starting to understand my love for her.

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Can’t wait to tell you all about our exhausting long weekend but that will have to wait until I am able to compile my thoughts this weekend. Until then a picture to hold you over…


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Fun Photo Friday

Crazy Hair Day at School…


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Thought it would be fun to share our Christmas card again with you all this year. Decided against writing a letter this year, but sure had fun getting these cards printed…



Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!

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We have been talking a lot about Santa, the elves, our elf Murray, reindeer and the NorthPole. Kahlan was so excited to go see Santa this past Saturday, “I’ll ask him to bring me a baby doll crib, a puppy in a purse and a new baby doll.”

Once we actually saw Santa though she was not really into him. See the evidence below…


Later that night I asked her what she thought about getting to see Santa and she said, “I like it better when he just sends presents with Murray instead!”

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