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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from Tinkerbell and the rest of us!



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Dora Addict

As mentioned before Kahlan is addicted to all things Dora the Explorer!!

So when Mommy brings home a HUGE Dora pillow doll from a friend at work that’s daughter has outgrown Dora there is a very happy 3 year old girl!


There is also a happy mommy to know that one day she will outgrow Dora and I will no longer speak in Dora speak. “Car…school…work… Who do we ask when we don’t know where to go? MAP!”

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We have not been home for 3 weekends and so it was very nice to stay home this weekend and get some stuff done around the house. It’s nice to sometimes just be home.

We tried to do some fun things with Kahlan. She made homemade Christmas gifts for all her aunties and uncles this weekend. I’m dying to share them but can’t since they all read my blog.

We also went to the grocery store where they were having Boo Fest for Halloween. Kahlan loved all the treats she got. She thought it was so much fun. She can’t wait to go trick or treating on Wednesday.

But I think Kahlan’s favorite part of our stay at home weekend was baking cupcakes! She loves to help bake and its something that I need to do with her more often.



It was a great weekend at home for our little family of three!!

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Fun Photo Friday

She loves it when I dump the clean laundry on her before I fold it…


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Skinny Jeans

My sister is 26 and hip. Mama is 33 and a clearance shopper. You can pretty much always tell when Kahlan is dressed in an outfit from Auntie Megan. It’s the days that people say, “aww Kahlan you look so cute”.

But Auntie Megan really topped herself this time with her purchase of skinny jeans.



Kahlan pretty much thinks she is the coolest 3 year old on the planet.

I’m not sure my sister realizes how very cool she is through my daughter’s eyes.

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Oh to Be Young Again

When my sister and I were little there was nothing we loved more than swinging on our swing set. And since there is a seven year age difference between us it was the perfect thing to keep us both happy.

The other day when we were at the park my sister was telling Kahlan how one of our favorite things to do was spider swing. She tried very hard to get Kahlan to try it with her but Kahlan had no interest. So somehow we decided we would try to do it again at age 26 and 33.





I was laughing so hard I thought I would die. Needless to say it worked much better at 3 and 10!! What can I say she keeps me young… Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded it’s okay to be silly!

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This past weekend Kahlan and I went to my parents house to celebrate all things fall.

On Friday night my parents took us out for an awesome fish fry. It was so good and extra special because I love fish and never get it.

Saturday brought Auntie Megan to town along with her camera. Grandma & Kahlan baked cupcakes in the morning and we spent almost all afternoon at the park playing and taking pictures. Auntie Megan took 581 pictures this weekend!! And no I promise not to post them all, but here are a couple…




It was a great weekend away filled with lots of special memories.

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