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Stroller Rides

The other day we were hanging out in the living room when Kahlan starting squealing with joy.

Seems Wedge had fallen asleep in her baby stroller and Kahlan thought this was THE COOLEST THING EVER!!


She took him for a couple of spins around the house before he jumped out.


She has been trying to convince him to get back into the stroller ever since.


Silly girl! Silly kitty!!


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Kahlan has become very opinionated over the last year about what she wears. The beginning of the summer started the “I only want to wear skirts and dresses” phase.

She wants to be just like her Auntie Megan and so she was very excited about her new skirts and leggings. She kept saying, “Auntie Megan has one like this. Auntie Megan had one like that”. But nothing excited her more than when we found boots in her size just like Auntie Megan’s.


Now the only problem I have is convincing her she has to wait until it gets cooler outside to wear her boots because they don’t look so cute with the sundresses she wants to wear them with now.

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Packer Day

I think one of the first things Scott ever bought Kahlan was a Green Bay Packers Jersey. Watching the Packers on Sunday is a big deal in this house. For the last 3 years we have picked a Saturday during the preseason and taken Kahlan to the Pro-Shop to pick out her jersey for the season. We have deemed it Packer Day and we make a whole morning out of it.


So far every year she has picked out an Aaron Rodgers jersey. She seriously only wants number 12!!


She loves looking at all the things in the Pro-Shop and she especially loves going up and down the stairs.


And of course we had to get our annual picture of Daddy and Kahlan at Lambeau Field.


Then it was off to do some fall shopping for Kahlan and out to lunch as a family. Scott and I offered to take Kahlan to Texas Roadhouse but she really wanted McDonalds… So chicken nuggets it was.


And then to top off a great morning we stopped at the park to play on our way home.


I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my Saturday. I love my little family!!

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Fun Photo Friday


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For This Child

For this child I have prayed a million prayers asking God to send her into our lives…


For this child thousands of stars have been wished on…


For this child hundreds of tears have been shed during the long journey before she found her way to us…


For this child I have bargained for…


Begged for…


Pleaded for…


For without this child my empty arms ached…


My heart shattered into a million pieces. My soul crushed with thoughts of not having her to share my life with…


But then our miracle found us. The pain was washed away. My heart was filled with joy instead of sorrow. The only tears left to cry were those of joy.


But I remember the pain. I remember the journey. I remember my empty arms. And I will be forever thankful that she is my little girl. For this child is the wish of my heart… Our wish come true.

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A picture is worth a thousand words…


Love, Joy, Answered Prayers, Our Wish Come True.

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WordPress updated it’s site and so somehow my post didn’t post yesterday so make sure to read about the tumble I took this weekend, coordinated I am not.

Besides the tumble, we had an awesome weekend camping with my parents and my sister. We had a lot of laughs and Kahlan had so much fun spending time with her favorite people in the whole wide world.

Here are some highlights from the weekend…

Kahlan went to the park A LOT!


She LOVED THE PARK! She especially loved the log she could jump off of.


We blew messy color bubbles from Auntie Megan…


We played with moon sand…


We got in lots of snuggles with Grandma…


And we laughed an awful lot…


We had so much fun and I really hope this is something that we do for many years to come. Kahlan loves camping with her grandparents and Auntie Megan. We had such a great weekend!

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