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Fun Photo Friday



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Go Pack Go

It’s been a photo only kind of week. Hoping we get some sleep tonight!


Go Pack Go!!

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My sister Megan and my Kahlan are two of a kind. Their personalities are so alike that it is crazy to me.


Not only are their personalities alike they both have asthma.

Kahlan has been struggling this week with her breathing. She’s coughing a lot, she can’t get enough air to sing, her voice gets caught in her throat when she talks but according to her the worst part is how much her tummy (aka chest) hurts when she coughs.

I called Megan last night to see if she had an suggestions on how to help Kahlan’s chest from hurting. She said sometimes sucking on a hard candy or a lollipop helps so at 7:30 last night Kahlan got a lollipop!


My three year old thinks she has the coolest auntie in the world!

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Sick Tired Baby

Kahlan had a hard day yesterday. She did not feel good. She was a wreck. She slept for 11 hours last night.


I think she’s feeling better today. It helps that mama let her wear a fancy dress.


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Uncle Jason

Kahlan doesn’t get to see her Uncle Jason as much as she would like to. He works out of state a lot and so he doesn’t always make it to our get togethers. Kahlan always wants to know if he is going to be there.

This weekend we helped my sister move and then spent the night at my parents. Kahlan loved spending the day with Auntie Megan even though it was boring for a 3 year old to watch us move stuff she still had fun.

Then she got to ride in grandma’s car on the way back to Waupun! Such exciting times for a 3 year old.

But the best part was when Uncle Jason surprised us at Grandma’s house. She was stuck to the poor guy like glue!

She’s a very lucky little girl to have so many people in her life who absolutely adore her.


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Fun Photo Friday


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Kahlan Says…

Kahlan says…




I’m sorry but I think she has to be one of the cutest fans ever!!

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