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My parents came and spent the day with us on Saturday.  We headed back to Bay Beach with Kahlan so that Mommy could see what all the fuss was about.  Kahlan loves going to the “special park” with Grandma and Poppy.

The lines were a lot longer on a Saturday, but Kahlan still had a lot of fun and has only been talking about the “special park” and Grandma and Poppy taking her to a hotel with a swimming pool all week.  (She knows Auntie Megan is with Grandma and Poppy at a hotel with a swimming pool this week and she is VERY jealous!)

Kahlan did so well on all the rides at Bay Beach.  She just loved them.



It is so fun to see what a little person she is becoming.  She took all the rides very seriously and you could tell her little brain was just trying to figure out how all the gears were making the rides move.


We had such a great morning, despite the long lines.  Kahlan was such a good girl.  And there is nothing she likes better than spending a day with her Poppy and Grandma.  She is a very lucky little girl!


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Monday Monday

Some Mondays it’s just easier to fall back asleep in Mommy’s bed instead of facing the day.


Oh how I love our little sleepyhead!

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Today I am thinking a lot about what a great grandma Kahlan has, how much Kahlan loves my mom and how many memories they are creating with each other. I know how important that is for Kahlan, she loves her grandma so much. It makes my heart so happy to see the two of them together…



But it also makes me miss my grandma so very much… She would have loved to see us all together.

Happy Birthday Grandma! We miss you so very very much!

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Every morning before we leave for school I take a quick photo of Kahlan with my phone to text to my mom. We call them Grandma’s morning pictures.

Lately Kahlan has put a lot of thought into where she wants to sit, stand, lay and what baby doll can be in the picture with her. Sometimes it turns into quite the ordeal.

Yesterday Kahlan did not want to take a picture inside the house. She insisted on going outside then she walked around the whole front yard before posing by our tree.


She’s so funny with all her opinions as of late. She’s growing up so fast. She’s determined to do things her own way. And really Grandma got her morning picture even though it took awhile to find the perfect spot to take it!


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With the heat this summer we have been spending a lot more time in the basement. Even with the central air on it is way cooler in the basement.

Between spending more time in the basement and being addicted to Pinterest I decided I wanted to create a little play area for Kahlan without spending a lot of money. So this weekend I cleaned out a little alcove in our basement and created this for Kahlan.


I’d like to find a different rug for the area but for now this works great and best of all Kahlan thinks it is the greatest thing ever.


I love seeing my little girl smile.


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Sometimes after a long week of work I find myself craving time with my family. It sometimes seems like the weekends are full of catch-up, catching up on laundry, on cleaning, on errands and instead of relaxing we just rush right through the motions.

This weekend Scott and I made an effort to spend quality time together with each other and Kahlan. To Kahlan quality time means playing at a park so we did that…


A lot…


We chased her, went down slides with her and pushed her on the swings…


Scott had fun with this puzzle thing…


And somehow the house still got clean, the laundry still got done and the errands got completed. But best of all my little girl had this smile on her face for the entire weekend…


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