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She says…

She says…

“Mama, you’re driving me crazy!”


After I remind her to try and stay closer to the side of the road instead of smack dab in the middle of the road for the 20th time in ten minutes while riding her bike tonight.

I’m scared of what she’s going to tell me when she’s 16!

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Kahlan is at a stage where she loves to listen to Scott and I talk and then join in the conversation.

Tonight I asked Scott if he could try and remember to put books on my kindle before this weekend.

Kahlan excitedly exclaimed “Mama I can do that!”

She then proceeded to pile her storybooks on top of my kindle. “There Mama I put books on your tindle (kindle in Kahlan speak)”


My kindle is buried somewhere underneath all her storybooks.

What a good little helper. Even though that wasn’t exactly what I meant!

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For Kahlan’s birthday Scott and I were so excited to get her a big girl’s bike. She worked so hard learning to pedal and we were so excited to give it to her.

She hasn’t gotten a lot of use out of it this summer as we always head out to the backyard and not to the street.

That all changed this past weekend when Kahlan discovered that she loves riding her bike!!


I was shocked at how far she can ride and how fast she can go. She had so much fun pedaling all over the neighborhood.


She seems too little to be so independent. She is growing up so fast.


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For a long time now Scott and I have wanted to get Kahlan her own fish. So this weekend we took her out to pick out her very own fish. She was adamant that she wanted a purple fish. She was so cute picking him out.


She loves having him in her room. She tells him to go to sleep every night and she loves to feed him although I think she is a little disappointed that he can’t come out of his “home” and play.


She is very happy about having her own fish who we named Cecil.

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I love my little family!


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Anyone who knows us knows sleep and Kahlan have never really gotten to be great friends.

So that is why we are so excited that for the last 2 weeks (minus the weekend at Grandma’s) Kahlan has been sleeping in her own bed and not calling out for us at all at night!

This is a huge deal for us!! Not only has she not been calling for us at night but she has been waking up in the morning without crying and just coming right into our room to say good morning. It feels like such a big step.

This morning at 6:30 this is how I found her…


She makes me so proud. Especially with as hard as this sleep thing has always been for her. I think we might have finally gotten it!

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