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One of the reasons we love camping is because it means Kahlan will hopefully grow up loving the outdoors. Some of Scott and my best memories as kids are being outside and so we are trying to create those same kind of memories with Kahlan.

The campground that we were at this past weekend has this great little river that all the kids love. It’s great to wade it, search for tadpoles and frogs, and just cool off. It’s also an amazing place to get cool photos.


Kahlan had so much fun walking in the water.


Touching the slimy rocks.


Feeling the water swirl past her toes.


And best of all just spending time with Mama and Daddy.


And it was not lost on me how truly lucky we are that our greatest wish has finally came true.



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Camping Fun

So we spent Memorial Day camping with Scott’s family and we had so much fun. Last year at the end of the season we bought a new tent and that ended up being so much better for us.


It is so big that Kahlan can have her own little space all to herself in it which she absolutely loved. She actually slept in her own little tent all night long both nights even through a very loud thunderstorm.


We spent lots of time hanging out with the family. Scott’s Auntie Gerri had a whole bunch of fun things for Kahlan to do like modeling clay & rocket balloons.


Kahlan spent time looking for tadpoles more like sticks down by the river.


And she spent lots of time hanging out with two of her very favorite people her godmother Heather and Heather’s husband Tom. I can’t tell you how much she loves these two. And they are so awesome with her.


We had lots of great food. Lots of laughs.


And lots of lots of snuggles.


By the end of the weekend we were all exhausted but had such a great time.


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Sneak Peak

I have so much to write about our fun camping trip over Memorial Day but yesterday between unpacking, getting all the laundry done, taking a long nap and just trying to get ready for the reality that is today I didn’t have time to get anything written up. So here’s on of my favorite pictures of the weekend to hold you over until tomorrow….


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Auntie Megan calls her a little movie star…


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I am super emotional this week.

Kahlan’s asthma has been in high gear and so it has been a hard week getting her back on all her medication.

I have cried a lot this week the littlest things set me off.

But through it all this smile is there to greet me at the beginning of each new day and it’s the last thing I see before going to sleep at night.


I am truly blessed.

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When I was pregnant with Kahlan I thought a lot about all the people who would be in her life to love her. I thought a lot about what an amazing Grandma she was going to have. Whenever I pictured my mom with Kahlan I pictured my Grandma Georgeson. My mom has more than lived up to that picture in my head. She adores Kahlan just as I always knew she would.

On the other hand I pictured my dad as her papa and I knew he would love her so much. But the relationship that my dad and Kahlan have is so much bigger and better than I could have ever dreamed. My dad melts when he sees Kahlan and prior to her that is a word I would never have used to explain my dad. He is more hands on with her than I ever thought he would be and she follows him around everywhere he goes wanting to do whatever he is doing.


I have always loved my dad. He was a great dad but the love he has for my daughter has somehow made me feel closer to him than I ever have.


The things he does with Kahlan like rolling down hills, laying on the floor so she can pat his back and climb all over him and most recently letting her wash his hair in her swimming pool are things that melt her mommy’s heart.


Somedays I can’t believe how lucky we are. Her life, my life is filled with so much love. I am so looking forward to all the memories she is going to create with her grandparents. And I know without a doubt she feels their love every single day.


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Her Auntie

There are not many people Kahlan loves more in this world than her Auntie Megan. She adores my sister.


Kahlan likes to dress like “auntie Meman”. If Megan has shorts on Kahlan has shorts on, if Megan wears a dress then Kahlan has to wear a dress, if Megan wears leggings Kahlan has to wear leggings. They are truly two of a kind.


Kahlan reminds me so much of Megan when she was little. Kahlan questions everything. She is always talking. She is always laughing. She is always singing. She is fiercely independent. She loves to play outside. She’s creative. She has to stroke my face to fall asleep at night (with Megan it was my finger). She reminds me so much of my sister when she was a little girl.


And if Kahlan turns out like her hero, her Auntie Megan, I will consider myself lucky.


Megan, I love you for loving my daughter so much, for being such a positive role model, for being so generous. You light up my little girl’s life and there is not a better Auntie in the world than you.

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