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The 3 Day Rule

The other night before bed Scott and I were watching “How I Met Your Mother”. It was the episode called “The 3 Day Rule” where Barney and Marshall are scared that Ted will tell the new girl he met that he loves her too soon so they reprogram her number with Barney’s work number and intercept all his texts for the next 3 days.

Anyways just the mention of the 3 day rule made Scott hide under his pillow in shame as he knew this was going to bring up the same old argument that always happens when someone mentions the 3 day rule to me.

Yes, my darling husband waited 3 WHOLE DAYS to call me after our first date and he only squeaked the phone call in on the 3rd day by a couple of hours. For 3 WHOLE DAYS after one of the best dates of my life I waited for him to call. Keep in mind this was in the days before texts and cell phones and caller id. I must have checked the dial tone on my phone a thousand times over those 3 days. I slept with the phone, I took the phone with me to the bathroom, I basically waited by the phone day and night for 3 WHOLE nights much to my poor roommates dismay!

By the morning of the 3rd day I was sure that he had not had as good of a time on our date as I did and was just about to write him off when he called and asked me for a second date.

Scott claims he had no idea there even was such a thing as the 3 day rule. He says he was waiting to get his next schedule so he knew when he was going to be free to ask me out again.

However, whenever I hear anything about the 3 day rule Scott knows he is in for it. It’s hard to believe that was almost 12 years ago. And I’m still grateful everyday that he asked me for that second date!


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Three years ago today I was scared that I would not make it until my due date because for the first time I started to feel the first small contractions.

My mom and I were supposed to meet to go shopping for some last minute things to get ready for Kahlan’s arrival. She surprised me by bringing my sister and sister-in-law with her and taking us all to lunch at Hu-Hot, one of my favorite places to eat.

I was very pregnant. I felt very pregnant. But it was the best day. I laughed so hard and was so happy to see how excited everyone was to finally be able to meet our little girl.

I remember standing in line at Hu-Hot and feeling my belly tighten and then relax and I remember thinking that it wouldn’t be long until I would finally be able to meet my little girl, finally be able to hold her in my arms for the first time.

It was a good day.

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My Little Girl…

There are some days that I love having a girl.

Kahlan loves all things girly.

On Friday night she wanted to paint her toenails and not only did she want to paint her toenails but she wanted to paint each of her toenails a different color. She also finally convinced me to let her paint her fingernails even though I only let her do it with a translusent pink color she was still so very excited and had to show her Daddy about 10 times over the next hour how pretty her fingernails were.

On Saturday morning, we took her to get her 3 year old pictures taken. She was such a little ham and loved all the attention the photographer gave her. I was so impressed with all the great shots we got of her.

She was in heaven when I took her shopping this weekend for her Easter dress. She loves to shop for clothes for herself and has a habit of just throwing things she likes into her stroller. She is very paticular in what she likes and doesn’t like too. She especially likes anything purple. We ended up getting her two dresses and she spent the rest of the afternoon prancing around the house in them.

These are some of things that make me so happy that we have a little girl. I am so looking foward to weekend nights snuggled up together with bowls of popcorn and a good chick flick. I am so looking forward to back to school shopping for new clothes and days at the spa getting pedicures. I love my little girl so much. I love the little personality that she is developing. I love spending time with her. She makes me laugh every single day.

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Sick baby needed extra snuggles from her Poppy…


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Kahlan is FINALLY feeling better. We have had some very long days and nights this past week but for the most part she seems to be back to her old self.

She was very lucky to have her Grandma and Poppy to spend the day with on Monday. The whole time Grandma was here she wanted absolutely nothing to do with Mama. It makes me feel good that she loves my mom so much but I have to admit I missed those extra cuddles.

Daddy spent the whole day with Kahlan on Tuesday. It was a lot different than a whole day spoiled by Grandma but she still got onion some extra snuggles.

It is back to school today. Hopefully she will make it through the day and we will be done with this awful sick bug!

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Still Sick


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My Sick Baby

Kahlan was sick all weekend. She was up at 4am both Saturday and Sunday mornings complaining of a tummy ache and soon after the vomiting started.

I hate it when she is sick I feel so helpless. All I want to do is make her feel better so she is back to her spunky little self.

We spent all day Sunday cuddled on the couch like this…


Feel better soon my sick baby. Mama loves you to the moon and back and just wants you back to your normal spunky self.


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