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Fun Photo Friday

Finally sleeping in her own bed ALL NIGHT LONG!!



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12 Things 2011

I thought this was an awesome idea… Review the year in 12 words and/or pictures. So here it goes 12 of my favorite memories from 2011 in pictures…



1st Haircut!


Swing set!

Swimming pool!







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Three years ago I thought I was having the best Christmas of my life. After so many years of struggle and heartache we were finally pregnant with you. I opened my presents and the whole time I could feel you fluttering inside me and I didn’t think my life could ever be better than that. After years of feeling so empty every time this day rolled around you were only 2 short months away from me being able to hold you in my arms. And I knew Christmas couldn’t get better than this.

Two years ago I held you on my lap and cuddled you so close as your grandparents, your aunties and uncles spoiled you with mounds of presents. You had a sinus and eye infection, but you have always been my strong fighter and you powered through that day and brought so many joy to so many people. And once again I thought to myself Christmas doesn’t get any better than this.

One year ago you spent the day being shifted from one lap to another lap as all the people who loved you showered you with toys. You smiled and giggled and used short sentences that made us all laugh. I held you on Christmas Eve when you got so sick with the flu that you couldn’t stop throwing up and you were so very uncomfortable. I knew in that moment that if I could have taken away your hurt I would have without a second thought. And as you fitfully slept in my arms I thought to myself nothing in this world is better than being your mom… Christmas doesn’t get better than this.

This year you seem so grown up. You helped Grandma hand out all the presents. You were so excited about all your new toys. You wanted to stop and play with everything. You talked a mile minute. You are learning to be grateful. You love your family so much and you are adored by your grandparents, your aunties, and your uncle. And I couldn’t help but be so proud of you, my heart swelled with pride and tears formed in the corner of my eyes as I thought about how much I love you and once again I thought to myself Christmas doesn’t get better than this.

And as it has been for the last 4 Christmases my favorite part of the day was snuggling up as our little family of three and listening to Daddy read “Twis the Night Before Christmas.”. And baby girl I remembered all the years I didn’t think I would ever hold you in my arms and I squeezed you a little bit tighter and I pictured all of our Christmases in the future and I have never been more happy because I know that Christmas doesn’t get any better than having you in our lives to share it with. Merry Christmas baby girl… Mommy loves you all the way to the moon and back and I always will.

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We had a wonderful wonderful Christmas.

I feel so blessed in so many ways.

Kahlan LOVED Christmas this year. She has been an excellent little girl. She was so happy opening all her presents at my parents house and she was spoiled by so many gifts.


She especially liked it that Santa came to visit her at Grandma’s house even though she was a little shy at first. She loves the singing Elmo he gave her.


I think she may have been a little confused on Christmas morning. I am pretty sure that she was disappointed that Santa wasn’t actually here. She didn’t seem to understand that he came and left without seeing her. She got over that disappointment quickly and was so excited about all her presents.

She wanted to stop and play with all her gifts so it took over 2 hours to open her 4 big presents and it took us until 4 in the afternoon before she opened all her little stocking stuffers. When you would ask her if she wanted to open another present she would just smile and say, “No I just play”.


Scott did an exellent job shopping for me this year. He spent a lot of time figuring out what I wanted and got me the most perfect gifts. It’s been a long time since he has been able to surprise me, but he did and his extra effort made me feel like the most special wife in the whole world.

I feel so lucky and so very blessed this year. I love my family so much.


There is no greater joy in my life than my little family of three. There is really no better time than Christmas to be reminded of the immense joy they bring me.


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Fun Photo Friday


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Happy Holidays to my dear Kahlan Elizabeth,

Not long from now, I’ll be leaving the North Pole for my long trip on Christmas. Although it’s a long journey, I am looking forward to visiting you.

I have to check my list to see who has been extra good and who I am bringing those special wished for presents to. My special elf Murray who I sent to keep an eye on you this Christmas tells me that you have had many accomplishments this year, that’s excellent! I can’t believe how much you have grown since the last time I visited you. You have had quite a year. I loved hearing my elves tell me how much you loved being outside this year. It sounds like you really enjoyed the swing set that your Daddy and your Poppy built you. And I heard all about how much you loved playing at all the parks this summer and sleeping in a tent while camping. My elves tell me that you love playing with your baby dolls and are such a good little mommy to them and how you always make sure they take their naps. It makes me laugh when my elves tell me how much you like to sing especially how good you sing “The Wheels on the Bus” and how you love to dance around the living room. I see how brave you are when you get a cold and have problems breathing. You do such a good job taking your nebulizer treatments and I know that can’t be any fun. I am proud of you for being such a champ especially when you feel so yucky. You have been such a good little girl this year and I’m so proud of you!

I must go now to check on the busy little elves in the workshop where they are making all the toys and gifts for the good boys and girls. I think I saw them making a new gift for you! My special elf Murray told me that you are really hoping I bring you a baby with hair so I will have to see what I can do to make your wish come true. We will be loading everything on the sleigh soon and heading your way!

The reindeer and I are planning to arrive just after midnight to deliver your gifts. But, remember, I can’t come in and put anything under your tree until you are sound asleep.

Hugs and reindeer kisses,

Santa Claus

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I thought this week would be a week full of excitement about Christmas but instead:

-My favorite co-worker who is also my very good friend quit making my workplace a lot less fun.

-My mom found out she has to work on Christmas Eve seriously cutting short the amount of time we will get to spend together for the holiday.

-I am in a tremendous amount of pain from my endometriosis.

-There will be no snow this year to make it actually feel like Christmas.

The only good thing about this entire week is at least I get to come home to this:


Seriously she kind of puts everything into perspective.

As long as I get to be her mom the little things in life that get me down don’t seem quite as bad… Although if I could erase this entire week I would be okay with that too.

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