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Fun Photo Friday



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Littlest Glee Fan

So I must admit I am kind of addicted to fall TV. I really look forward to watching my favorite shows in the evening.

Last year it was easy Kahlan had a 6:30 bedtime so as soon as she fell asleep the TV came on. I would watch my show, power clean the house during the commercials… Seriously it was win win for everyone.

This year Kahlan has an 8:00 bedtime not so ideal for TV watching especially since we are trying really hard to be good parents and read her books and stuff and not really stick her in front of the TV a whole lot.

So I have been taping my shows and trying to sneak in an episode here or there, basically I am going to have one phenomenal sick day coming up at the rate I have been able to watch them.

But the other day while folding laundry (see doing a household chore) I decided it wouldn’t kill her to watch an episode of Glee with me…

Oh my Oh my… The kid was in Glee heaven! She couldn’t dance fast enough. She kept saying “more dance mama, more dance!”

I sincerely see show choir as being a certain part of her future!


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Sign Language

When Kahlan was about 6 months old, she started throwing her food off her highchair tray when she thought she was done with her meal. I was so frustrated with her because I never knew when it was going to happen and I got really tired of cleaning up after her for something she should not have been doing in the first place.

My sister who is a sign language interpreter taught Kahlan the sign for “all done” and Kahlan and I practiced the sign for “all done” over and over again and she never threw food off her high chair tray again after she knew how to communicate with me. Along the way we learned other signs: “more”, “hungry”, “thirsty” “please” and “thank you”.

Even though at this age, Kahlan never stops talking she still uses her sign language especially when she is super excited or tired or sick along with her speech.

So this weekend it was hilarious at how fast she picked up on the sign language Daddy thought would be cool for her to learn during the Packers Vs. Bears game. Kahlan now knows the sign for: “touchdown”, “1st down” (her favorite), “False Start” and “Holding”. She was so adorable mimicking everything Scotty was doing. And I know Auntie Megan would be super proud!


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Sunday 9:00am

Kahlan: “Daddy why is it raining?”

Scotty: “Well Kahlan, it rains when warm air turns the water from rivers, lakes, and oceans into water vapor that rises into the air. That water vapor forms clouds, which contain small drops of water or ice crystals (depending on how high the cloud is and how cold it is). As clouds rise higher and higher, the air gets colder and colder. When the water vapor in the cloud becomes too heavy, it falls back to the ground as rain or snow.”

Kahlan: “Oh, Okay”

Sunday: 10:30am

Kahlan: “Daddy, why is it raining?”

Scotty: “Well Kahlan, water evaporates into the air naturally. The atmosphere can only hold so much moisture at a certain temperature and pressure. As the temperature and pressure change, so does the ability of the atmosphere to keep the water in it as a vapor. When it cannot remain a vapor, it condenses into droplets, that are pulled to the ground by gravity.”

Kahlan: “Oh, Okay.”

Sunday: 12:00pm

Kahlan: “Daddy, why is it raining?”

Scotty: “Well Kahlan, rain is caused by warm moist air colliding with cooler air. As the warm air cools, the moisture condenses and rain falls. The sun can heat the ground, which heats the air causes evaporation. This warm moist air rises quickly until it hits a cooler layer of air above it. That is when you see tall rising puffy clouds. As the air cools, the rain falls back the way it came.”

Kahlan: “Oh Okay.”

Sunday: 1:30pm

Kahlan: “Daddy, why is it raining?”

Scotty: “Well Kahlan, rain can also be cause as a cold front, or a mass of cold air, is blown over a warm area. Cold fronts and low pressure systems are fertile grounds for rain storms. The lower pressure causes the water vapor to condense in the same way a lower temperature does. These instabilities in the atmosphere keep the water cycle going on our planet, and constantly transfer water all over the globe.”

Kahlan: “Oh, Okay”

Sunday: 3:00

Kahlan: “Daddy, why is it raining?”

Scotty: “Remember Kahlan, the clouds get heavy and then the rain falls down because of gravity”

Kahlan: “Oh okay.”

Sunday: 5:00

Kahlan: Daddy, why is it raining?

Scotty: “Clouds get heavy, then gravity.”

Kahlan: “Oh Okay.”

Monday: 6:00 am

Kahlan: “Daddy, why is it raining?”

Scotty: “I’m pretty much guessing to ruin my life, sweetie.”

Kahlan: “Oh, Okay.”

Monday: 7:30 am

Kahlan: “Daddy, why is it raining?”

Scotty: “You know Kahlan, I really don’t know.”

Kahlan: (running into the kitchen in her most excited voice) “Mama, Daddy, not know why it rains!”

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On the way home from Wausau last weekend, Scott and I were talking about what a perfect 2 year old Kahlan had been all weekend and how very proud we were of her. We decided that since we never fail to punish her for bad behavior it was also very important that we reward her for good behavior. So on the way home, we decided to make a quick stop at Toys R Us and explained to Kahlan that because she was such a good girl, she could pick out any toy that she wanted in the store.

We made a huge deal about what a good girl she was and how she was getting a new toy because she was such a good girl.

Her eyes lit up as we walked past the baby doll aisle. Daddy tried to convince her to look at the Lego Sets, but she could not pry her eyes away from the baby doll aisle. So off we went. Daddy picked her up so that she could see all of the babies. She locked eyes on the one she wanted and that was it. She picked up this huge box that the doll was in and starting hauling it to the checkout with her.


That is, until she saw a little backpack filled with baby doll supplies: bottles, bibs, nuks, sippy cups. Everything you could possibly need to be a good baby doll mommy. She looked at me with those big blue eyes and said “I good.” I nodded my head and with the biggest smile you can imagine she put the little backpack in the cart.

So now Claire has joined our little family along with Kate, Howie, Lucy, Amelia, Abby and Molly. Yep our little one is all girl! There is nothing our little girl loves than a new baby doll!


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Fun Photo Friday

This little girl loves her Daddy!


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So as you all know we spent this past weekend out of town at our friend’s wedding. This meant staying in a hotel for two nights.

I love staying in hotels. I love checking everything out, sleeping in a huge king-sized bed that someone else comes and makes for you in the morning, and I love hoarding all the little bath products that they give away.

In May, we took Kahlan to Chicago and stayed in a hotel for 3 nights. She seriously thought the hotel was prison and banged on the door for 3 whole days until we finally opened the door and let her run down the hallways for hours at a time. So this time around, I was seriously nervous about staying in a hotel with her, especially since this was not going to be a laid back trip, but filled with certain obligations to the wedding couple.

I have decided that from now on I am going to seriously worry about everything because every time I waste the time doing so, Kahlan proves me completely wrong. This time around, she LOVED staying in the hotel. I brought all of her favorite toys from home and filled up a dresser drawer in the room with them so that she could just go in and get them whenever she wanted without having to rummage through the baggage.

She loved running in the hallway and going swimming in the swimming pool especially when she finally convinced Daddy to come in the pool with us. She had a blast climbing up the pool ladder and jumping in the pool and then climbing up the pool ladder again and jumping in the pool over and over and over again. We stayed at the pool so long both days her little lips were blue when we left. Somehow those indoor pools never seem quite warm enough.

She was the perfect 2 year old for all 3 days we were away, even with her super late bedtimes, off schedule naptimes and being completely away from everything familiar. She got so many compliments from other hotel guests, from other wedding guests and from just about everyone we ran into the whole weekend.

We were so very proud of our little girl this weekend. And I am so excited that hotels are once again on our radar. My hoarded hotel goody supply was dwindling in size. Kahlan has already decided that she wants to go to a hotel for her birthday, I think it might be about time to start planning that trip to Wisconsin Dells that I have been dying to take her on!

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