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Sleep Regression

Okay, so supposedly it is very normal for kids to go through sleep regression at 18 months.  Kahlan started to have problems sleeping through the night on September 1st, so it has been 29 days that she has been up at least once and more often several times a night. 

She is inconsolable.  She will wake up as soon as she realizes you are no longer in the room.  Patting her little butt no longer works, she demands to be held or the tears and the screams will not stop and boy can that kid produce some volume when she is upset. 

I have read every website I can find on the subject.  Every website says that it is completley normal for kids to have problems sleeping again at this age, what the websites fail to mention is how long this stupid stage lasts! 

I have to admit I do spend some nights plotting my revenge, because just so you know, when Kahlan is 16 and is super tired after spending a night however teenagers spend their nights, I swear I am going to go into her bedroom and just start screaming my head off, just to pay her back.  Just thinking about that is somehow making this stage a whole lot easier!!


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Wordless Wednesday

The reason why I get out of the bed in the morning with a smile.  I never knew I could love someone this much!

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I’m tired.  Kahlan hasn’t been sleeping well.  She is waking up every couple of hours screaming her head off.  She is impossible to console.  I have been cheating and taking her to bed with me.  Mistake, yes I know.

I am a little stressed.  Today is going to be a hard day.  It’s always hard to say goodbye.   

So today I feel like I don’t have any words to say, but I do have this….

And this little girl, despite her sleeping through the night boycott, brings me more joy than I ever knew was possible.  I love you Kahlan Elizabeth.  Thank you for bringing me joy even on the hard days.

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My grandpa passed away today.  I feel so bad for my Dad, I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose a parent.  I need my parents so much I don’t know what I would do without them. 

Kahlan and Great Grandpa

I have many memories of my grandpa, but to be honest my favorite memories are from this past year and a half and being able to see him with his first and only great-grandchild. 

Talking to Great Grandpa

I think he really enjoyed seeing my Dad be a Grandpa.  My Dad is the best Papa in the whole world.  My Dad was so proud to show his dad his first grandchild. 

Great Grandpa, Mama & Kahlan, & Papa

Great Grandpa & Papa just doted on Kahlan.  Great-Grandpa loved watching Kahlan explore his house, he didn’t even get upset when she would pull on his oxygen tubing. 

Having an in depth conversation with Great Grandpa

I’m glad that we have pictures of them together because he really did love being Kahlan’s great-grandpa.

Kahlan & Great Grandpa

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Kahlan loves to Skype.  She is so funny because whenever we pull out Daddy’s laptop she knows that she is going to be able to talk to her Papa & Grams.  She waits for them to call us and she squeals as soon as the computer starts to ring.  She breaks into a huge smile whenever she sees her Papa on the screen.

She was so funny today.  She didn’t really have much to say to her Papa or Grams.  I guess she was practicing showing them how independent she is.  It was impossible to keep the camera on her as she was all over the living room, although she did try to share her Nilla Wafers with Grams.  We talked for awhile and when Papa and Grams realized that Kahlan was not going to interact with them very much we said goodbye. 

As soon as they were off of the screen Kahlan started to sign “more” over and over again and cried when she realized they were not coming back online today.  I guess she was paying attention to them more than we realized!

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Paying Attention

Evenings can be rough at our house.  There is a flurry of activity.  We need to change out of work clothes, find clean pajamas, scrounge around the kitchen for dinner, make dinner, eat dinner…

It is so easy to get caught up in the flurry of activity that sometimes I forget that I need to pay attention to Kahlan… I mean really pay attention.  Today I took those extra moments to really look at her, to really enjoy her and she really was such a joy to be around. 

We ate dinner and I didn’t rush her.  I even gave her chip dip (one of her favorite things and something I tend to avoid because of the mess).  She dipped everything in it, her ham, her corn, her carrots, her asparagus and even a potato chip.  I let the dishes sit and we played.  There is not a better sound in the world than the sound of her giggle.  I love it when she runs into my arms giggling!  We colored with her crayons and we read a story.  We just had a great time being together. 

Daddy called and we talked to him and told him we love him.  We warmed up her bottle and snuggled in.  I held her as she fell asleep and when she was asleep I held her for a few extra moments and I looked at her and I fell in love with her all over again.

We’ve had a hard couple of weeks, I’m still trying to regain my energy after my surgery, Kahlan is still on a sleeping through the night boycott, we haven’t had enough weekends together as a family, but tonight my little girl reminded me that all those things will pass, but my love for her that will never change.

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Dear Kahlan…

Dear Kahlan,

Mama and Daddy are tired. We love you so much, but this waking up at random hours of the night and screaming your pretty little head off is tuckering us both out. We know you can sleep through the night, in fact you were doing so good for the last 2 months. We have tried everything we can think of to get you to sleep all the way through the night and we are running out of ideas. Princess, your Mama and Daddy are tired so please please please sleep!

We love you Princess. We love you even more with a good night of rest.


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